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  • Iranian’s UNESCO heritage sites

    In general , UNESCO Heritage sites are divided in two cultural & natural properties group all around the world . Nominated Sites must have outstanding universal value & require at least 1 out of 10 standards to be included on the list .

  • Persian cuisine

    Diversity of Iranian cuisine Iranian food is initial part of Iranian heritage .The ingredients shows vast geography of Iran, whereas many dishes are common to all parts of country and served in similar ways ,with minor regional and individual variations .Major determinant of Persian cuisine is related to its agricultural products which is précised to […]

  • Vladimir Bartol

    Novel book of Alamut Today we bring a famous novel from Vladimir Bartol Slovenian writer which is taught in Slovenian school as literary masterpiece .yes its amazing ….its called Alamut . Vladimir Bartol wrote this novel in 1938 ….apparently it date backed to approximately 85 years ago at the time of writing this article . […]

  • Alamut Valley

    Capparis Herbaceous Plant ;Andej canyons