THE Ismaili (Their History & Doctrines)(Alamut valley)

Today as  first post in 2024  we would like  to offer to tourists  who intrested in History of Alamut valley & Assassin’s And Ismaili sect …..Download  the book from the bottom page link.


The Ismaili is represent the second largest Sh-i-i Muslim community after the Twelvers
(Ithna¯ashar¯s), and are today dispersed as religious minorities throughout more than
twenty-five countries of Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America.
The bulk of the Ismaili is recognize the Aga Khan as their imam or spiritual leader.
The second edition of this authoritative book, the product of more than twenty years’
research, traces the history and doctrinal development of theIsmaili is from their
origins in the formative period of Islam to the present day, a period of more than twelve
centuries. It is the first comprehensive synthesis of the results of modern scholarship
in Ismaili’s studies and draws on numerous primary sources and secondary studies on
the subject, particularly on the Ismaili manuscripts which have only recently become

The Ismailis book
Ismaili book

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